How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mariaaaaa?

Here’s the deal, I used to hate my job.  Key words:  used to.  Then I got moved to a new group where the air wasn’t poison and the goal of the day wasn’t to send the shittiest email to make someone else look bad in front of the boss.  It was like heaven.  Open communication, free learning, no attitudes, like I said, professional life bliss.  So I’m sitting at my desk last week and I get a phone call asking for an updated resume to bid on a contract for said group and saying that there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be put back in horror group.  You remember, the group where we all despised each other so much but were so sugary sweet fake my teeth were rotting out of my face from just uttering the words.  Continue reading

Our Assets are Frozen!

Oh my god I’m so cold.  I was sweating this morning on the way to work, and now I’m freezing.  Incidentally, my sweatfest had nothing to do with the weather.  Let me explain…  To get into my office I need to have my badge.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have to get to work super early in order to get in as many hours as I can since I have class from 2 – 4:45.  If you forget your badge, the person at the front desk can let you in and you can get a one day made, but there’s no one at the front desk until around 8 AM.  Needless to say, on those days, I can’t forget my badge, or it does me no good to get there obscenely early.  Well I was ready to go at 6:05, but then I couldn’t find it.  I.  Looked.  Everywhere.  Continue reading

The Time has Come, the Walrus Said…

So Inception is pretty awesome.  I saw it in theatres, but Joel happened to pick up the Blu-ray when it came out the other day so we’re watching it.  Sidenote: Blu-ray is the best invention of all time.  There are so many more awesomer things the second time.  I think that Marion Cotillard is really underrated this side of the pond.  Also, I think Ellen Page is really underrated period.  The intelligence that she brings to every role, even and especially Juno, is refreshing to say the least. Continue reading

My Finger has a Heartbeat

I tried to donate blood in high school and it was traumatic at best. I blacked out about ten seconds in (after they actually found the vein), so needless to say I haven’t been too keen to repeat that experience. But, since I’m wanting to be a nurse I figure I should at least try to get over it, since I’ll more than likely be dealing with needles and blood on a daily basis. Well we had a blood drive at work today and I did it! I felt queasy and faint toward the end, but that was mostly because I was feeling brave and looked at the bag. Also I had forgotten to eat breakfast and I had only eaten an apple. But I donated a whole unit of blood! Yaaayyyy! Continue reading