Ramsay Extravaganza

I think an appropriate way to start out this blog is to let you know, I’m kind of obsessed with Gordon Ramsay.  I prefer a BBC version to an American one, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.  Right now I’m enjoying Ramsay’s Best Restaurant for his favorite French restaurant.  Superb.  These people are amazing.

Oh wait – now it’s college basketball.  Michigan State barely won tonight.  BARELY.  Not that Wisconsin isn’t a formidable opponent, but how to do lose a 9 point lead with less than two minutes left?  I guess that’s what we do in the Big Ten – we get a substantial lead, and then we end up in OT.

You might be able to tell, I’m not in charge of the remote tonight.  That would be the Joel.  My co-habitant and father of my child, Rockstar, a three-year-old tabby cat and all-around badass.  But it’s alright, I’m off to bed early tonight since I have school tomorrow.

xoxo, Kash


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