Chocolate Cake! For Your Face!

Since I accomplished everything on my to-do list today (more on that later), I felt really ambitious while I was in the grocery store and decided to bake a cake.  Nothing crazy like from scratch or anything, but I normally don’t bake until the weekend so that’s why it was special.  Dinner was jambalaya with green beans and tater tots.  DELISH!

I’m still trying to figure out how I want this thing to look, so bear with me here.  …I’m so excited about this cake!  It smells so good, I can hardly wait for it to cool to that I can frost it and stuff my face.  I also had some cream that was about to expire so there’s fresh whipped cream, and to make it extra decadent, ice cream was on sale.  HOLLERRRRRR.

Anyway, I’m in the process of applying to nursing school and I had quite a few things to check off my list today, all of which I did.  My original game plan was to apply to every school I could all at one time, but a lot of them won’t accept my application with missing prerequisites (two at most depending on the school).  Which means that I can’t apply until I finish in May, and then I wouldn’t even start until the next January.  That doesn’t really work for me.  Not that I want to rush my education, but I don’t really have the time or money to just sit around for six months at a time.  I want to get out there and BE A NURSE.  Hence – going back.  I’ve worked really hard to get to this point (working full time and taking at least two classes every semester, including summer) and I just don’t think some of these programs are really geared at the interest of the student, regardless of what they might say.  So here was my list:

  1. Submit requests for all transcripts (three schools, two copies each)*
  2. Hand out stamped, addressed envelopes for my letters of recommendation
  3. Compile all comments on my essay and create final version
  4. Rework resume to include comments and school specific items
  5. Pay application fee
  6. Pack up everything and get it ready to mail (hopefully that will happen tomorrow)
  7. At some point, do all the work I was assigned

*Okay, about the transcripts…  Why the hell do I have to pay $10 for each transcript from one school and $5 a transcript (of which I needed four, since they need to send my semester grades as well) from another??  It’s my academic record, and I’m pretty sure that I already paid you all the money you asked for, otherwise you wouldn’t have sent that pretty little diploma my way.  A friend suggested that we should be able to have official copies of our own, and then a notary should be allowed to verify that the copy is actually from the original.  Can someone work on that?  I’m tired of finding the office of the registrar’s web page (which I can never seem to do), finding the normal, standard mail form, printing it, filling it out, and then faxing it.  Only to have them tell me that I did it wrong at some point down the line, and having to do it all over again, since they can’t send you a copy of the form via e-mail.  Frustration.

I think the cake is ready to frost!

xoxo, Kash


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