My Finger has a Heartbeat

I tried to donate blood in high school and it was traumatic at best. I blacked out about ten seconds in (after they actually found the vein), so needless to say I haven’t been too keen to repeat that experience. But, since I’m wanting to be a nurse I figure I should at least try to get over it, since I’ll more than likely be dealing with needles and blood on a daily basis. Well we had a blood drive at work today and I did it! I felt queasy and faint toward the end, but that was mostly because I was feeling brave and looked at the bag. Also I had forgotten to eat breakfast and I had only eaten an apple. But I donated a whole unit of blood! Yaaayyyy!

I also got this amazing band aid from a friend at work. The coban gauze thing was cutting off my circulation so I cut it off and replaced it with a bacon band aid. That’s right. A BACON BAND AID. It’s the best band aid I’ve ever worn.

xoxo, Kash


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