The Time has Come, the Walrus Said…

So Inception is pretty awesome.  I saw it in theatres, but Joel happened to pick up the Blu-ray when it came out the other day so we’re watching it.  Sidenote: Blu-ray is the best invention of all time.  There are so many more awesomer things the second time.  I think that Marion Cotillard is really underrated this side of the pond.  Also, I think Ellen Page is really underrated period.  The intelligence that she brings to every role, even and especially Juno, is refreshing to say the least.

I’ve decided I’m bored with my hair again.  This happens about every six or seven months.  Usually during the summer though, it gets too hot to deal with it and I cut it all off.  But now it’s the winter and I’m tired of it taking twenty-five minutes to blow dry.  That may or may not have something to do with getting to work at 6:30 AM three days a week.  I just can’t decide if I want to throw away the length that I’ve taken a while to grow.  I always have this debate.  I cut my hair, and then I want it long again, then I get bored and cut it again.  I think it would behoove me to try to figure out “who I am”.  It may help in my perpetual quest for my perfect hair look.  Some ideas I was considering:

Velma Kelly, natch

I loved Carrie’s hair in this season, there are better pictures I’m thinking of though but I can’t find them

I don’t like that this is uneven, but I like the swoopy bangs

Maybe one day I’ll look this cool…

I like the looks with the swoopy bangs more than a full bang.  My forehead is too small for full fledged bangs, plus I sweat a lot and every time I try for more bangs I end up getting sick ass breakouts on my forehead.  No one likes that.

So back to Inception – I never doubted the ending.  To me, he (Cobb/Leonardo DiCaprio) made it back to his kids safe and sound.  Apparently there’s a big to-do about how he didn’t make it back since the top is still spinning.  Who cares.  It wobbled, he’s looking at his kids (who look back, btw), and Michael Caine is there, who wouldn’t have been there before.  So I did some research on this and apparently you can hear the top topple.  Let me tell you, we rewound and rewatched the fade out at least five times with HD sound and I never heard it do shit.  However, there are also more detailed intricacies that some nerds found and posted, such as:

  • Cobb is not wearing a wedding ring, which he wears in his dreams since he’s still with Mal
  • There are paintbrushes which weren’t there before
  • The kids are wearing similar, but different clothes, and they’re older – I personally can’t tell that they’re older but apparently Christopher Nolan hired older kids, so whatever
  • Michael Caine is there, and he was never in the dream since he created the dream

But then I read this article and now I don’t know what to think.

My brain hurts.

xoxo, Kash


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