Our Assets are Frozen!

Oh my god I’m so cold.  I was sweating this morning on the way to work, and now I’m freezing.  Incidentally, my sweatfest had nothing to do with the weather.  Let me explain…  To get into my office I need to have my badge.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have to get to work super early in order to get in as many hours as I can since I have class from 2 – 4:45.  If you forget your badge, the person at the front desk can let you in and you can get a one day made, but there’s no one at the front desk until around 8 AM.  Needless to say, on those days, I can’t forget my badge, or it does me no good to get there obscenely early.  Well I was ready to go at 6:05, but then I couldn’t find it.  I.  Looked.  Everywhere.  I was on my hands and knees literally lifting everything off the ground because I swore that I saw it on the counter last night.  Well kids, it wasn’t on the counter, because it never made it into the house.  After about fifteen minutes of fruitless searching, I figured I would look in the garage, and there it was!  Technically, it was in my car, wedged in between the seat and the door, but the car was in the garage, so angle side angle, my badge was in the garage.  Ugh.  Of course I was all bundled up and ready to go at this point, so I was profusely sweating through my wonderfully warm scarf and wool jacket.  Great.

School was freezing, as usual.  The past three semesters I’ve always been hot in my classes and now I’m chilled to the bone.  It’s amazing that in the year 2011 no one has yet to figure out how to consistently heat or cool buildings.  Modern marvels, people.  Modern marvels.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been sitting on the floor while typing this, but I can explain that too.  When I come home from work or school I like to bond with Star, so usually I sit on the floor while I’m doing whatever I’m doing and he lays on top of me or attacks me or whatever.  So yeah, I’m performing some selfless love acts for the cat whilst freezing my butt off.  Looks like we need to move this party to the couch!  Maybe Star wants a massage – bwahahahahahahahahaaaaa!

Guess not…

xoxo, Kash


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