In Other News

I finally took down the Christmas tree.  We had company for the Superbowl and decided to avoid being mocked openly by our friends and peers.  It was time for it to go anyway.  I got a little sad taking it down, only because my mom did such a nice job on the decorations and such.  But I’m very excited to add to it next year and forever after until we get a new one.

Is it May yet?  I’m tired of school already.  Well, I’m not tired of school as much as I’m tired of getting up at 5:15 three days a week.  That gets really tiring really quickly.  I was doing some homework and saw that I had a buddy:

I’m aware that it’s off center and he’s hardly in it, but then he jumped down so I couldn’t take another one.  That’s proof that I took the tree down though, because where the floor lamp is was the location of said tree.  I need some curtains or something on those windows.  It’s just so blah in this room I can’t stand it.  I detest my oatmeal cage.

I’m going to get my wrist checked out this weekend because it’s been killing me for a few days now (old injury flared up) – hopefully no big deal.  It’s probably just a sprain or one of those stress fractures or something.  Maybe some inflammation.  Either way, it’s killing me and it’s got to stop.

I applied for a handful of jobs in random medical fields so that I can get out of my current slump and I’ve only heard back from two.  Which is understandable because they said it takes about two weeks for them to process all entries anyway.  Well, one I heard back from was filled and the other (which I applied for at the same time) let me know that my resume was referred to the hiring official.  So that might be good news!  I know that I should just be thankful that I have a job, but if I can find another one where I don’t want to DIE all day, it might be worth a switch.

xoxo, Kash


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