Well, I’m Back

Oh my goodness, so I’ve definitely neglected this baby. What better time than now to come back, right? Right. Well mostly I’m writing to share that I just completed my first twenty minute run. I can honestly say that never in my life have I been able to run that long without stopping or just giving up. It’s been a long road to get to this point (probably seven weeks or so) but I did it!

I feel awesome. Seriously. Right now I’m stretching on my floor, drenched in sweat and ready to hop in the shower but I could not feel more awesome. I SERIOUSLY JUST RAN TWO MILES. Yeah, that might be super slow BUT I DID IT. So there.

Since I’ve started school I’ve realized that it would be such a crock of shit for me to try to teach people to be healthy when I am so far from it. I know that’s not a problem for some people, but I really try to practice what I preach. I was on weight watchers for a while and that was going well, but then a series of unfortunate family events lead me off track, hard. Some would say that I crashed and burned. Sure enough I’m back pretty close to my starting weight and just as unhappy as before. Granted its not about weight, it’s about health, but you can imagine that I am not healthy at this weight. I don’t feel it, that’s for sure. My back always hurts, my knees pop, and even though my blood pressure and cholesterol are in check, my family history of type II diabetes is worrisome even under the best circumstances.

So here I am, embarking on my journey to better health and wellness. Come along! Maybe I can help you, too.


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