True Life: I’m too Lazy for Cover-up


Check out that mug, eh! Here’s the deal – there’s a blemish on my nose that will not quit. It’s one of those muthas that just has a life of its own – know what I’m sayin’? Sure you do. Well I’m here to tell you that I rocked that bad boy all day. No concealer, no foundation, no tinted moisturizer, nada. For one reason, I’ve found that more product on top of a zit (unless it has salicylic acid in it) just makes it worse. Secondly, as I am with all make up, I am entirely too lazy to remove it and cleansing my face at the end of the day is a rarity for me. Thus, reiterating item one, making it worse. Plus I’m broke so I can’t even afford all those nice acne treatment make ups that everyone and their cousin sells now.

Some people may think I’m crazy and that spot is nothing. Well, that’s probably true, but then again my camera didn’t really focus on how it looks like a gaping hole in the middle of my nose. So, judge if you will, but just know that if you too choose to leave your blemishes naked, you are not alone.


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