They Go Hard, Man

Today was a big day of firsts. I went to the chiropractor for the first time, I wore my new workout shirt for the first time, I stole Joel’s arm band for the first time, and I legitimately ran twenty minutes straight (with absolutely no breaks) for the first time. Woohoo!

Let’s start with the run, since that’s what I did first. It was about forty degrees this morning, nothing too awful. I was looking forward to wearing one of my new shirts so that was fun.


It kept me nice and warm and I didn’t feel like a wet, sweaty mess. Cool deal.

At the chiropractor, which I was terrified about, we did some seeing where it hurts, then an X-ray, then some treatments, then an adjustment. Allow me to explain. I have lower back pain. I know, just like every one else in the world, right? Well it has gotten to a point where everyday, I hurt. No matter what I do and how I try to sit/stand/drive/lay, I hurt. So I decided to do something. To make sure I didn’t have any alignment issues he did an X-ray, which I apparently my doctor should have done also. Whoops. Everything was good there but I guess I have a lot of pressure in my L4, L5 area, so we did some “treatments”. I legit thought I was going to get shock therapy. I didn’t, but still.

You know in the Jackass movies when they use that electrode pad and turn it up all the way and shock the hell out of each other? Well they use that, only the obvi didn’t turn it up all the way. I didn’t feel much difference after, but they put a heating blanket across my back which felt nice. Then there’s this really ominous looking table that vibrates (weird, right?) that I laid down on next. Basically it vibrates and there’s a rolling bar that massages your spine. I thought that this was more helpful than the electrodes at relieving my pain. So then after that I had my attitude adjustment. Basically the chiropractor pops every bone you got. I’ve never been one to pop my neck, and I swear, he popped every single vertebrae. It was kind of scary sounding! He said he wasn’t really sure how I was functioning with all that in there. Well, I guess I’m resilient. And, as a sidenote, when you pop your back or whatever, it’s not actually bones, it’s the buildup of gas in and around the discs. I didn’t know that! So anywho, he adjusted my back after that and I have to admit, I didn’t really feel that different immediately. It wasn’t until I was driving home and later that I really felt any better.

I’m going back next week to continue my assessment and adjustments. I’ve been told that after these treatments I’ll feel much better. I’m all for it, even if I have to pay a co pay every time. I don’t wish back pain on anyone, and if this can help me, I will recommend it to anyone. I’ve also been told that it should help with my headaches, which would be awesome.

I think I strained my calf. It was ROCKIN’ when I finished my run today. It’s only when I push off or flex, and I’ve been icing it, so hopefully with a few days off it will improve. I’m concerned though because I took almost an entire week off and it really wasn’t feeling any better, so I may go see an orthopedic specialist if this doesn’t resolve. Which sucks because I did really well today…

As I write this I’m watching my beloved Boilermakers play the Xavier Musketeers. Right now we’re winning but I think I’ve jinxed us before so I’ll keep my mouth shut. Other than to say that I am so glad that Robbie Hummel is back this year. He looks strong and healthy and I hope he can stay that way. Go Boilers!


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