Malakalekimakah is the Thing to Say


Finally got the tree up last night! I ended up buying a new one since our other one was HUGE and could not fit anywhere since the return of my bed. It was $50 at Target and then I spent $20 on lights. I don’t think it looks as nice as last year even though I used the same decorations. Last year my mom helped me decorate it and she’s AMAZING at that stuff. She made all the bows that are on there. (Awesome picture courtesy of Instagram!)

Christmas has been hard since my grandma passed in October 2010. She used to spend the holidays with us and was always a great addition to the craziness that is my moms house. Last year was awful since it was all so fresh. This year hasn’t been as bad but I still always think of stuff to tell her or share with her and then I get a little emotional for a bit. She loved that I was going back to school and would have been really proud of all of us.

My calf is still hurting when I walk but especially if I squat down to do something and go up on my toes. I have a feeling I’ll need to involve the specialists on this one. Ugh. More money in co-pays down the drain.

After my chiropractor appointment on Monday my back pain came, well, back. I’m actually really pissed about it. I was fine when I went in and now I’m in pain again. I cancelled my appointment for tonight but I’m going to keep my Friday one because there’s a massage involved. A free one. I’m hoping that whatever was done can be undone. Then I’m just not going back anymore. This is really terrible. It’s hard to believe that after all of the advances in medicine we’ve achieved people are still in chronic pain.

With finals coming up next week I’m sure my posts will be haphazard at best so bear with me as we trudge through the most mentally challenging time of the year! Woohoo!


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