Happy Saturday!


In an effort to keep up my fitness without killing myself, I hoped on the elliptical for thirty-five minutes. I set the fat burn mode at level two, but then kicked it up to level three about half a mile in. I ended up doing 1.79 miles and burning about 280 calories. Yay elliptical! Especially since my calf didn’t hurt!

I’m studying for my final on Monday morning. It’s in Pathophysiology. Yippee. It’s been an interesting class but I will be relieved when I am finished with it. I like to study with the tv on, at a low enough volume where you can hear it but not too high, because that would be distracting, hah. It helps me focus if I have background noise. I know not everyone is that way. Today’s study TV show of choice is Buffy, season two. I have a feeling I’ll be barreling through a few of these before next week is out.

Have a great Saturday!


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