Finals Make My Brain Hurt


Happy Sunday! Decided to work out before studying and did 1.66 miles in thirty minutes on level 3/4 on the elliptical. Burned about 265 calories. Woohoo! I am going to participate in a fitness challenge starting next year that a girl I know from high school is sponsoring. You commit to thirty days of exercising and drinking Shakeology and then just see where you go from there. I think it will be a good way to kick off the new year. The exercise program is called Turbo Fire, and it’s by the same people who made P90X and the Insanity workouts that everyone talks about. I own some of the videos from Turbo Fire’s predecessor, Turbo Jam, and I really like them so I hope it goes well. More to come on this Shakeology and whether or not it’s just a waste of money.

I still have a huge amount to study today. It’s just really difficult, even when you have a breakdown of how many questions will come from each section to know what the most important concepts are. I mean, if I could remember what was on the unit exams I’m sure that would help, but since we’re not allowed to keep our tests, it’s kind of difficult.

I think we’re going out to an early dinner/late lunch with Joel’s parents. There’s a great place in town called Grey Goose where they have really excellent crispy, thin crust pizzas and great beers on tap.

I made some great breakfast this morning too, so hopefully that will help me get through my study session. Time is ticking down until my final tomorrow morning. Yikes!


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