Books or TV?


I started reading the Rizzoli & Isles books a couple of years ago, before the show on TNT came out. This isn’t a platform for me to pronounce my devotion prior to their hitting the mainstream, it’s just a statement. At first, I thought it was remarkable that author Tess Gerritson could write so skillfully for both of these incredibly different women. Especially since she gave up her career as a medical examiner to become a writer. I loved Rizzoli’s hardheaded intelligence and Isles’ cool, brilliant grace. They were both captivating in their own way and even though I’m only on the fourth book, I thoroughly enjoy their adventures.

Now, the tv show is good. In fact, I love it. At first I was hesitant because there are always so many things that go wrong when translating books to the screen. But I think that TNT did a good thing here. They used a couple of the novels as the background of the series and basically leapt off from there. The characters are different, but they’re even more likable on screen than in the “pages” of my kindle. Isles has a fresh, quirky charm that she doesn’t in the books. Rizzoli is stern and quick but still a likable hard ass, who is “BFFs” with her M.E. Or maybe they just took subtle character traits and played them up for a tv audience. Either way, it works. And I like it. I might like it better than the books, but I’ll finish this one (Body Double in case you were wondering) before I decide.

Speaking of translating books to screen, I think an Anita Blake tv show would be a mistake. There’s no way that it would translate. I just finished those books, and even though the story is no longer as gripping as it was, I like the characters enough to continue on the journey with them. I especially like the tigers, and I look forward to see how they get along with the rest of Anita’s men. But, I digress.

Did I mention I had a back spasm last Tuesday? Well I did. And it was terrible. I finally feel like a regular person again, which is just in time for my TurboFire + Shakeology challenge next month! All of my Beachbody stuff arrived today, and I’m pumped.

I’m done with my first semester of school!! Again! I can’t believe I have three whole weeks of not worrying about driving to school and studying. I have to admit that the drive isn’t getting to me yet, but I do believe that it puts an added level of stress that I wouldn’t otherwise feel. My car isn’t the most reliable, and even though it’s a long shot (well, probably not) I subconsciously think I’m going to crash and die every day. You know, the usual.

My brother is home for Christmas and he’ll probably come stay with Joel and I. At least for a while. Our estranged step sister is in town and we aren’t fans. We’d rather just avoid her, so I don’t see any harm in him using my spare bedroom. I’m pretty sure the last thing we all need is more stress around the holidays.


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