Am I an Idiot? Plus – Something Exciting!

As Joel and I were driving home from work this evening, the song Changing by Airborne Toxic Event came on. Now the words of the song aren’t important right now, but after the chorus Joel said to me, “so I guess this song is about a break up.” And it occurred to me, I listen to music, but I don’t hear it. Very rarely, if ever, have I sat down after a song and thought to myself, “wow, that song was about blank…” Am I an idiot? Am I missing a quintessential part of the music listening process?

I am pretty good at deciphering what song lyrics are, for the most part, but I have a hard time translating them to meaning. Did I miss that part of my development? Am I incapable of abstract thought? All of these thoughts occurred to me in the car and I have to say, I think I had a mini panic attack. But I kept it inside so as not to let the inner crazy show. I enjoy music, no, I love it. I love listening to it, I love singing it, I love pretending that I’m the lead singer and pantomiming a microphone. Especially with the windows down and my poor little paper speakers at 11. But am I getting my full enjoyment out of it if I don’t understand what the song is actually about?

I’m not sure on this one. I think that even taken at face value, I can enjoy the shit out of a song. I mean, I do. But do I need to understand the inner depths of Dylan, or the cultural importance of Paul Simon? Or should I just stick to Ke$ha? I’ll work on it.

In other news, TurboFire and Shakeology came on Monday and I finally got around to working out. First time in about a week (since the back spasm and all). I followed the “prep schedule” that’s in the guide before I start doing the really intense HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) stuff. So I did Fire 30 and Stretch 10, which is exactly what it sounds like: thirty minutes of cardio and ten minutes of stretching. I feel amazing. And I survived! My back is fine. My calf is fine. However, my poor ponytail is not fine.


It’s wilty and sad like a flower. 😦

Well, time to take a shower and eat some chili. Until next time!


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