Pizza Party!


I made a BBQ chicken pizza this evening. I tried to make it easy on myself and use a box dough instead of making it from scratch like I usually do. That was a mistake. Maybe I did it wrong, but I never got a dough. I just got this slimy, sticky ball that adhered to everything, causing me to lose at least a quarter of it on my “floured workspace” and my hands. It was a pain to roll out on the pan and it ended up super uneven and weirdly bubbly. And it tasted like a Lunchable pizza crust. But it’s okay, because it was underneath everything. Continue reading

Holy Shit I Did a Craft

You guys. You don’t understand. I am not a craft person. I have really grand ideas that never come to fruition. Having accepted this, I gave up on crafting. And I basically include everything in the term “crafting”. I can sew, I can cut, I can color, I’m creative, but when I need to combine these things to make a unique item, whether it be a card or a pumpkin, it never works out. Until today!! Continue reading

Buy This


I stopped at Walmart to get kitty litter today and took a look at some of the Danskin Now workout clothes. I loved Danskin stuff when I used to dance so I was hoping I could find something useful. Did I ever! I found some of those racer back tank tops that have a built in bra and they’re great. I know, where have I been? These have been around forever. But in the past I’ve only found ones with skinny straps that dig in or they’re too low cut, etc. These are none of those things! I even wore it today while I did my Stretch 40 Turbo Fire workout. It was awesome. It’s comfy, it wicks, and it’s hot freaking pink. There are other colors, natch, but I went with hot pink (not pictured) for my first one. Continue reading

BOOBS! Plus a Daytime Adventure

I bought a $60 bra on Lululemon, which is basically an over priced spandex shop. But I regularly drop $50 or more per bra because, well, my girls need it. So $60 on a sports bra isn’t a bad deal for me, because having a large chest and trying to run or jump around can be painful if they’re not strapped down. Well I bought the largest size they had at the time, but it didn’t fit. So now while I wait for them to get it back, send me a refund, buy another one and wait for that to come in, I went on a mission to try to find one in stores. Continue reading

It Wasn’t All Bad


As I lay in bed this morning, I’m reflecting on 2011. Not so much out of nostalgia or self fulfillment, but because everyone keeps bitching about how much it sucked. I realize our nation is in pretty bad shape, what with the economy and budget being a mess. And seriously, if Mitt Romney is anywhere near the White House I don’t even want to know what is going to happen. A special Jack Bauer terrorist dispatching task force? Oh lawd. But anyway, I digress. Continue reading