Things I’ve Learned from Yoga Class


1. Don’t show up ten minutes late while everyone is in downward dog. You’ll feel like a jerk.
2. Don’t be afraid to use the block, even if the friend you came to class with is a yoga instructor and is in fact, amazing. She won’t judge you.
3. Your hair is going to get messed up. Just go ahead and accept it.
4. Try to scout out the location of your class beforehand and don’t be afraid to try different classes. I prefer a friendly, dimly lit community center as opposed to a huge conglomo-gym with glass walls and super fit people roaming about outside, but that’s just me.
5. Bring your own mat. Ew.
6. People are going to fart. Try not to make a big deal about it.
7. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do all the poses. Keep trying! I swear you’ll get better and it will get easier if you stick with it.
8. Be sure to wear something that you won’t need to adjust after every pose. I usually neglect this advise and end up irritated a few minutes in. Nothing breaks your concentration like pants falling off or shirts that have ridden up.
9. Try to really incorporate how the instructor tells you to breathe with each movement. It makes a difference, I promise.
10. Don’t compare your flexibility or strength to the person next to or in front of you. I have to admit, this is something I struggle with. But for all you know, the person next to you could be a visiting instructor or a twenty year practitioner, and it does you no good to feel insecure and end up pulling a muscle or worse. Everyone is different and everyone’s flexibility is individual. I’m pretty flexible, but some poses are difficult for me because 1) I have shit balance and 2) my fat gets in the way. So work with what you’ve got and cut yourself some slack.



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