BOOBS! Plus a Daytime Adventure

I bought a $60 bra on Lululemon, which is basically an over priced spandex shop. But I regularly drop $50 or more per bra because, well, my girls need it. So $60 on a sports bra isn’t a bad deal for me, because having a large chest and trying to run or jump around can be painful if they’re not strapped down. Well I bought the largest size they had at the time, but it didn’t fit. So now while I wait for them to get it back, send me a refund, buy another one and wait for that to come in, I went on a mission to try to find one in stores. I tried Victoria’s Secret. They have sports bras now. I tried this one, which was too small and very confusing. You have to slip it over your head and then somehow, miraculously latch the hooks. I also tried this one, which has a crazy band under the underwire that’s really uncomfortable. So no dice there. I found a website that looks like it has a few but I’m hesitant to buy bras without trying them on, especially after what happened with the aforementioned undergarments. So we’ll see how that goes.

On to my adventure!

To celebrate my last weekend of freedom before school starts on Tuesday (which I’m excited, nervous, and pissed about), The Joel and I went out to Louisville because I decided that I wanted to try the original hot brown from The Brown Hotel, thus a plan was born. We got up pretty early and headed west for Wild Eggs to get some breakfast. It’s kind of a chain place with a few locations in Louisville and Colorado. I fretted for days over what I was going to order because the menu is plentiful. I do that sometimes. I freak out over what I’m going to get and then when the time comes for me to order I panic and order something I don’t want and then Joel ends up getting the best meal of his life and I end up picking at my side dishes. So I went back and forth between the breakfast burrito, the crazy chocolate waffle thing, and various other dishes of which I didn’t like at least one component. So I went with the make your own omelet standby. True story: I model all of my omelets after my favorite omelet The Omelet You Can’t Refuse from Cafe Patachou. It has bacon, cheese, home fries and sour cream. Delicious.

Omelet and fruit! Yay!

Joel got the breakfast burrito!

After Wild Eggs we went over to the J.B. Speed Art Museum which is part of University of Louisville. It’s a nice little museum, great contemporary pieces and some really, really cool ancient Greek stuff. Way cool, since Purdue doesn’t even have an art museum. I mean, we had a couple of galleries but the only ones worth going to were the graduating fine arts students’ semester portfolio presentations. So after we walked around there a couple hours, Joel took me on a tour of U of L’s campus. They’re doing some really nice beautification, especially around the engineering campus. So after our tour we headed over to The Brown Hotel to get us an original, authentic hot brown.

According to the menu, the hot brown was invented in 1926 at The Brown Hotel. It’s a Louisville tradition with worldwide appeal. It consists of turkey breast, toast points, mornay sauce, parmesean cheese, tomatoes, bacon, parsley, and paprika. It’s put together in a single serve baking tray and placed under a broiler to bring everything up to the next level and ensure it’s baked to perfection.


It’s seriously the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever eaten, if you can even call it a sandwich. The turkey is perfect, the toast was still toast even though it’s covered in mornay sauce, and the bacon was just phenom. I don’t like tomatoes, so I gave those to Joel, but everything else was amazing. The shredded parmesean just kicks it up ANOTHER NOTCH! AMAZEBALLS. Plain and simple. Joel crushed his, but I could only get about half way through. I wish you could order a half portion, so that I wouldn’t feel like I was wasting $7 of sandwich. But you can’t, and I did. Moving on.

Joel wanted to walk down to the KFC Yum! Center where the U of L basketball teams play. It’s incredible. I’ve been to professional arenas that aren’t this nice. But I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have any professional teams in the state. Plus the Louisville men’s basketball program brings in, like, the most money in all of college basketball, so they’ve got that going for it, which is nice. But seriously, what makes it more awesome is that they serve booze! I know, right! Not just beer but mixed drinks. And you can buy bottles! It’s awesome! Since the game wasn’t sold out we got a couple tickets and headed in. Since I didn’t dress for the option of going to the game and had on a yellow sweater (i.e., almost Notre Dame colors), we stopped in the pro shop and got me a shirt. Go Cards!


Sadly they lost by two in the second over time because of turnovers and not making free throw shots. They’re uncontested shots, boys, you should make them.

After the game we walked back to the car and headed over to Mall St. Matthews for my bra trying on excursion. But we had worked up an appetite so we got some cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Now it was my turn to crush my plate while Joel had to pack half of his up and bring it home. We all have our talents, and mine is clearly destroying large pieces of dessert. After the mall we trekked over to Trader Joe’s to see if we couldn’t find anything we liked. We got a couple things, but most importantly we got two bottles of wine for under $8. We’re not wine people. We’re trying to be, but right now, we’re novices. I like white wine, but that’s about it. We picked up a moscato, which is my personal favorite, and we obviously had to pick up some Two Buck Chuck, even though it’s three bucks now. We went with a white zinfandel, since it’s not too scary and we’ve tried one before. They’re bringing a Trader Joe’s to Lexington this year, so that’s EXCITING. I think my favorite thing about TJ’s is that it’s not nearly as expensive as Fresh Market or Whole Foods, but you can get all the good, organic, healthy, free range, etc. foods you can handle.

In a nutshell, I had an amazing day, I stayed awake the whole ride home (which is unusual for me no matter what time it is), and got to sleep in my own bed. Adventure day = success!


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