Holy Shit I Did a Craft

You guys. You don’t understand. I am not a craft person. I have really grand ideas that never come to fruition. Having accepted this, I gave up on crafting. And I basically include everything in the term “crafting”. I can sew, I can cut, I can color, I’m creative, but when I need to combine these things to make a unique item, whether it be a card or a pumpkin, it never works out. Until today!!

So my friend Maria has talked about these headbands called Sweaty Bands that she swears by in her workouts and her everyday life. They come in cool patterns and they swear that they don’t slip. Well, being a person with wavy, thick hair, I have never found a product to not slip, no matter how much they claim it will stay in place. I have worn every manner of non-slip headwear, some uncomfortable, some obscenely ugly, and have had success with none of them. So what I usually do is use the cotton stretchy headbands from the drug store and I bobby pin the hell out of those motherbitches. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they don’t.

After reading on Maria’s blog that Sweaty Bands were one of her best purchases in 2011, I had to give them a try. So I went to their site and found a local store that carried them and went to pick one up. First of all, these babies are expensive. Like whoa. And secondly, the shop I went to didn’t have a great selection, so I was kind of disappointed. But I grabbed one anyway and tried it out and low and behold, it really doesn’t slip! I know. No way, right? What’s the trick? Allow me to explain…

There’s a strip of velvet along the back!! Genius! You’d never think it, but it’s perfect. And legit. Too bad I’m not paying $18 for a 1 inch ribbon headband. That’s right. $15-$18 per headband depending on the size. Gross, right? So I cruised the web the other day to see if I could find them for cheap somewhere and I stumbled on this. It’s basically a guide on how to create them yourself. It’s easy enough, but my sewing machine is out of commish and I thought this would be a nice group activity. So I talked to one of my friends at work and we went out today and spent about $20 a piece on ribbon, velvet, and elastic. That’s right. We spent enough for one headband a piece, on material for way, way more headbands.


We made ten today, only using one ribbon twice (the glittery red one on the far left is the actual Sweaty Band). There is so much more ribbon! And elastic! The most expensive thing was probably the velvet, but only because you need to buy more. Anyway, it was awesome. And they’re not perfect, but they’re still amazing and I love them. I wore one all day and during my Fire 30 workout and it didn’t move. Perfection.


So I applaud you, Sweaty Bands, for coming up with a great idea. But I’m sorry, your prices are way too high.

I’m so pumped about these headbands, I’m trolling Amazon for ribbon. I think I found some really great Hello Kitty stuff…


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