Pizza Party!


I made a BBQ chicken pizza this evening. I tried to make it easy on myself and use a box dough instead of making it from scratch like I usually do. That was a mistake. Maybe I did it wrong, but I never got a dough. I just got this slimy, sticky ball that adhered to everything, causing me to lose at least a quarter of it on my “floured workspace” and my hands. It was a pain to roll out on the pan and it ended up super uneven and weirdly bubbly. And it tasted like a Lunchable pizza crust. But it’s okay, because it was underneath everything.

I got the recipe from Oxygen Magazine. I baked my chicken in a 325 oven for 45 minutes. Then I sauteed half a red onion in some olive oil for about five minutes on medium heat. Then I cubed the chicken, added it to the onions, and added two cups of BBQ sauce. The magazine wants you to use their mango sauce, but we used Mark’s Feed Store Red Label. It doesn’t have all the sugar that regular store BBQ sauces do, I promise. You bring that mixture to a boil, then simmer for about ten minutes. While all this is going on, pre-bake your crust based on your directions. After your crust is done, add your sauce, top with a couple cups of mozzarella and a handful of cilantro. Pop in a 400 degree oven until cheese is melted. Voila!

Heating the BBQ sauce with the rest of the spices kicks up the spice of the sauce. If you add a little bleu cheese, it takes the heat out and adds another dimension.

Now that I know this pizza works I’m excite to try more combinations. Buffalo bleu anyone??


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