Even My Elbows Hurt


So a day after this workout from our home grown kinesiology major, I’m so sore even my elbows hurt. I can’t move. Joel says I have t-rex arms. They’re just hanging around and serving no purpose. Anyway, I digress. We did three sets of four workouts (15, 12, 10 reps; increasing the weight each time) focusing on arms this time and in between each workout we ran a lap on the track. Our track is only half of a regulation track, so our four laps was only half a mile instead of a whole mile, but I’m still hurting. I felt good during our runs. Strong. In control. I am woman hear me roar kind of stuff. But today, not so much.

I thought about running tomorrow morning before work, but I’m supposed to run with the girls on Friday, and I know that I don’t do well if I try to run two days in a row. So I’ll just do a DVD or something. WOO HOO!

On a lighter note – I hope everyone is having a happy and safe fourth of July. The BF and I are celebrating the birth of our country with a Freaks and Geeks marathon. Complete with buffalo chicken dip and brownies. Not the healthiest options, but I refrained. For the most part. Well, this whole typing thing is hurting a lot more than I thought it would, so I’m going to shove off. Until next time!



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