So I Bought Some Leg Warmers


I did my second treadmill run this morning, after two rest days and followed by copious amounts of stretching, and still I felt the twinge of strain/soreness in my right calf. I kept stretching throughout the day, but it didn’t do any good. It’s never a shooting or stabbing pain, just an ache. But the intensity changes depending on my run. So I talked to some people about it and they all thought I needed new shoes. Well, regardless of how long you have had your shoes it’s really more about mileage than time, and I don’t have a ton of mileage on these guys despite purchasing them in October of last year.

So I headed into John’s Run Walk Shop, since I’m all about small businesses, and we tried a couple pairs but ended up on just settling for some more cushioning for my insole (it couldn’t hurt) and these Zensah compression sleeves for my calves. $50 is better than $130. For reals Nike, for reals. Plus old dude told me that these are a good investment anyway even if the calf pain turns out to be unrelated since they aid in recovery after long runs. I don’t actually do long runs right now, but I figure I can also wear them when I’m working 12 hour shifts and on my feet all day. Holler.

I was pretty pumped when he was showing me these glorified leg warmers because they come in some really baller (obnoxious) colors, but alas, I have man calves, so the only colors I got to choose from were white and black. Blahhhh. But they’re on Amazon also so I’m planning on getting some pink tie dye ones so that I’ll have a pair for running and a pair for recovery. Reviews say they don’t get that sweaty, but I defy logic when it comes to sweating, so you never know.

This puts me at Week 5/Day3 of the Couch 2 5k program. I keep going back to Week 5 whenever I restart for some reason, but it’s been manageable.

Anyone else tried these sleeves? Notice any positive or negligible results? I’d love to get some feedback, all I have right now are Amazon reviews. So I’ll keep wearing ’em, and I’ll report back after my next run.



7 thoughts on “So I Bought Some Leg Warmers

  1. gastrocnemesis says:

    I had strained my calf a couple of years ago during a race. I had another race the next weekend and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off with the strain bothering me any time I went out for a run. I did take most of the week off…I know, it sucks…but I also used kinesiology tape. It is different than other tape, much more flexible, and it does come in cool colors…yes, even pink! I found that it helped to alleviate most of my pain and I was able to race. I definitely recommend giving it a try if the the sleeves don’t work for you! You will have to have somebody put it on for you though.

    Here is the link to the instructional video for applying the tape to the calf:

    Happy running!

      • gastrocnemesis says:

        To be honest I hadn’t heard of Rock Tape until you mentioned it. It appears to be very similar to KT tape. I’ve tried looking into Rock Tape vs KT Tape on the internet and it looks like it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Some said Rock Tape holds up longer, some said KT holds up longer. They both claim you can wear it for a few days. Since I haven’t used Rock Tape myself I can’t really compare the two. If the shop you were at happens to sell both brands, you might want to ask someone working there if there are any significant differences between the two…could just be the price! My guess is you’ll be fine with whatever brand you use!

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