Training Recap


* photo of Cassey Ho from!

So today at the gym we did legs. Three sets of twenty of each: squats, lunges, and calf raises all with weights. Then three wall sits at 30 seconds each. It. Was. Brutal. Plus we ran a lap between each exercise. Whew. I’m feeling okay today, but I have a feeling that I’ll be considerably more sore tomorrow.

A big thing we needed to focus on today was proper form when doing squats and lunges. Being overweight, and being that way for a while, if I don’t properly protect my knees I’m in trouble, so I always make sure that my knees are never extending over my ankles when strength straining. It’s difficult sometimes to watch other people make it look so easy, but it’s important not to sacrifice form, as I’ve learned over the years. Eventually you’ll get better and be able to make it look easy too – yay!

I like these circuits we’ve been doing. By adding a lap between each exercise we’re keeping our heart rate up and melting off fat. Yay fat melting!

Well, until next time…



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