Songs that Pump Me Up

As I was laying in bed this morning, unable to move properly from my leg workout the day before, I was thinking about some songs that might have gotten me out of bed if they had been playing from my phone instead of my alarm noise.

“The Pretender”, Foo Fighters: This song starts out slow, but it’s absolutely impossible to not give it your all when the drums kick in. I swear, try it. It’s like trying to frown on a jet-ski. It’s impossible.

“Rolling in the Deep”, Childish Gambino remix: There is an interesting beat to this song and it’s fun to listen to when you’re chugging along. Plus Childish Gambino is the realest.

“Teeth”, Lady Gaga: Not a super poppy song, but I saw it in a shark week commercial and I was instantly hooked. *Disclaimer: I hadn’t seen the video for this until I posted it here and I apologize for how insanely creepy it is.

“Blow,” Ke$ha: I’ll admit it, I’m a music snob sometimes, but I have an unabashed love for Ke$ha. I don’t know what it is. She’s kind of trashy, she uses a ton of auto-tune, and I’m not entirely sure that she can actually sing, but I love her none the less. My favorite Ke$ha song used to be “Your Love is My Drug,” but it was replaced recently with “Blow.” Also, I was convinced that she stole her ‘$’ from me because when I was at Purdue I used to sign my name K$ for short (Kashmoney, duh). True story.

“I Can Talk,” Two Door Cinema Club: I sometimes think that all of TDCC’s songs sound the same, but I happen to like them all so it’s cool with me.

So tell me, what inspires you?



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