I Need a Nap


So I’m writing this research paper to finish up my class and I have a terrible headache. I’m guessing it’s from not having any coffee this morning as I am quite addicted to it. It doesn’t keep me awake by any means but its really just my beverage of choice in the mornings.

We did our arm circuit this morning and then I topped it off with 20 minutes on the bike. I’m liking the bike more and more since every time I run I end up injured. The only thing is that I don’t understand why the seats need to be so uncomfortable. Everyone says, “yeah it’s uncomfortable until you get used to it.” But WHY should I have to get used to it?? It’s so uncomfortable I swear. But I’m determined to do something right so I guess I’ll stick with this for now.

Looking forward to being done with summer school next week and getting two weeks off. That’s right. You heard me. Two whole weeks. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself. Other than work…

Also looking forward to starting my final semester of nursing school. I swear, I cannot wait until I get to a point where I can just go to work, come home, and that’s it. I know there are people in my cohort already looking to start the nurse practitioner track, but for real? After everything we’ve been through you don’t want to take some time and get your feet wet by just working? And how can you even be an NP without experience as an RN? I don’t get it but I guess it’s above my pay grade. That’s a path I would like to go down eventually but not for a while. I need to see if the unit I end up in is actually something I like! Plus I want to have kids at some point, but all of this is another discussion for another day. For now, I need to see a cat about a nap…



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