If you know me, it’s no secret that I love gymnastics. So naturally, I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. Ever since I can remember, the summer Olympics are the highlight of my summer. They’re my favorite time of year. I love the tradition, the competition, and the unique flair that each country brings to the ceremony and the games. Unfortunately I was at a health fair that my public health class was putting on so I missed the ceremony (and I forgot to tape it, duh), but I have been fully steeped in the games all day.

I’m always surprised at the events that I get wrapped up in. So far this Olympiad it’s been handball. I’m still not clear on all the rules, but that shit is intense, and I like it. Archery got pretty heated too. My standby favorites are: gymnastics, swimming, volleyball (indoor and beach), fencing, track, and tennis. Specifically women’s gymnastics as you might have been able to tell by the pictures, but regardless.


When I was younger, my dream was to be just like Shannon Miller and compete in the Olympics. Obviously this didn’t happen, but it didn’t stop me from wearing a crushed velvet Shannon Miller GK leotard and having bangs like that. I continued tumbling in pursuit of cheerleading once I was in junior high, but that didn’t pan out either. And all of that was given up for color guard and theatre once I hit high school. Don’t judge.


Not until Nastia Liukin came along did I fall for a gymnast the way I did Shannon. I feel, as I’m sure many gymnastics enthusiasts do, that I’ve watched Nastia grow into this beautiful, graceful woman who has so much talent and poise. What happened at the trials was unfortunate, but it did nothing to sway my admiration. If anything, watching her pick herself up and finish her second failed (and likely humiliating) uneven bars routine since her un-retirement, showed me just how much character and heart she has. And anyone who says otherwise can shove it.


One sport I did play somewhat successfully was volleyball, so watching this one is also dear to my heart. Especially watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh-Jennings, since I’ve been watching them win gold for like, my whole life. The USA women’s indoor team looks great too, so I’m looking forward to more awesomeness.


Swimming will not disappoint this year either. Both men’s and women’s USA teams are stacked and I feel like some records may be smashed. Ryan Lochte looks like he’s been training to get better, where Michael Phelps looks like he has just been training to maintain. Not to say he hasn’t been training, but I do think Lochte will give him a run for his money/medals. The 4×100 meter relay is one of the most exciting things to watch, I don’t care what anyone says. Plus, how amazing is Dara Torres? The woman was nine one hundredths of a second behind the second qualifier at forty five years old. FORTY FIVE YEARS OLD. She was winning Olympic gold medals before I was born, and she still kicks ass.

There are so many incredible athletes that don’t even make it to the Olympics, so these individuals really are the best of the best of the best. Be prepared to see lots of Olympics fueled posts over these next two weeks. I love them. You should love them. This is AMURICA. GO USA!


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