Olympics 2012 Recap – Day Two

I know, I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I was so enriched in Olympics extravaganza that I was exhausted and I had to postpone this for a day. Just some quick observations and thoughts about yesterdays festivities.

Vanessa Ferrari

Vanessa Ferrari: Super impressed with this Italian gymnast. I only got to see her floor routine but her power and grace was impeccable. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Italy in the team finals tomorrow night.


Kessy/Ross USA beach volleyball: SO ON POINT!! These ladies were such great communicators and had such amazing team work that I would not be rebuffed to support their takeover for May-Treanor/Walsh-Jennings. Granted the largest Argentinian player was 5’7″, but I’m sure that their skills will transcend to the next opponent.

Brendan Hansen’s letdown: Silver and bronze aren’t shabby, but I know he was looking to win gold this time around against his competitors.

Men’s basketball: Only watched a bit of this because I’m not a big NBA fan, but I was surprised to see how much the international teams play more like college teams (i.e., defense). I wonder how the NBA superstars feel about Coach K being their leader when I’m sure many of them, Anthony Davis included, have forgotten how to post up.

Ariel Hsing

Ariel Hsing: This girl rocks! 16 years old, straight A student, and fierce table tennis competitor. I was so enthralled in her games I totally forgot that I don’t even like table tennis. Seriously. I’m sure that she’s disappointed that she was beaten but she played incredibly and has nothing to be ashamed of.

Kelci Bryant & Abby Johnston

Diving: Oh geez, I always forget about diving, which is rude, because it’s awesome. Especially synchro diving. So amazing. It fascinates me. Those USA girls (Bryant & Johnston) were so together and you could tell all of the hours of work that have gone into just the footwork of walking out to the end of the board. So dedicated. I’ve only jumped off of the high dive (the super high platform) once in my life and it was more of a “fall flail get in the water without breaking your neck” kind of thing, so mad props for these people flipping around, perfectly, and together.

Swimming: Go Dana Vollmer! I can’t do a butterfly to save my live, but I’ve come to realize that breast stroke is really difficult for some swimmers, plus it looks really slow for some reason, even though I’m sure that I would still be swimming the 100 m if I started last night…

And finally…

Aly Raisman

GYMNASTICS!: Someone please relieve Tim and Elfi of their commentator duties. They are awful. I cannot stand their negativity nor their incorrect assessment of gymnasts. After every one of Aly Raisman’s routines Elfi would state, “well that’s going to be the routine that the USA will want to throw out.” Excuse me Elfi, she had the highest American score and the second highest all around score, so shut your mouth. Plus, can’t we get an American gymnast to announce? Shannon Miller did the live feed – and she’s my freaking hero – I don’t understand why we have to be subjected to Elfi’s whiny voice and constant cutting down of our prized gymnasts. *dismounts soapbox*

It’s surprising for me to see a US team with a weak uneven bar selection. And that’s not to say that these girls are not unbelievably talented at the apparatus, but that this is not their strength as a team. In fact, I’ve never seen vaults as amazing as what I’m seeing from these girls. I mean, McKayla Maroney, get real. This kid is absolutely amazing. Have you see how high she launches from the vault table? That’s from her arms people. FROM HER ARMS.

*This is not from last night – BUT LOOK HOW HIGH SHE GETS!!*

I really enjoyed hearing “Live and Let Die” as a floor routine selection, even though I didn’t care for the routine from Team GB.

I did feel terrible for Jordyn Weiber and not making the All-Around. It’s really an unfortunate rule that punishes athletes that happen to be from the same country as other talented athletes. I kind of went on a tangent today and might have yelled, “this isn’t 4th grade kickball, this is the Olympics, it’s not about being fair.” Jordyn shouldn’t have her dreams crushed just because she’s from the same country as two other athletes. The top 24 should actually be the top 24, but it isn’t, and she doesn’t get to compete. That’s not fair either. So no matter which way you look at it, it’s a dumb rule.

So what did you watch? What was your favorite? What are you most looking forward to? With school and work I’ll probably only get to watch primetime from here on out but if I remember to tape stuff I’ll certainly be doing that. Have fun and GO USA!


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