How I Got My Running Groove Back


Thanks to the wonderful people at Brooks and copious amounts of calf stretching I’ve been able to complete these two runs:



I ended up getting a pair of the old Glycerines, since they’re almost $50 less expensive than the ones that recently came out. I’ve done a handful of runs in them and so far so good. I feel like I’m back to normal. I’ve also been really good about engaging my core (aka sucking in my stomach) while running so I haven’t had any back pain. The best stretch that I’ve found for me is downward dog. I usually transition from that to a forward bend or child’s pose. I’m no yogi, but I’m naturally flexible so a lot of standard stretches don’t make me feel stretched enough. This is an effective stretch and cool down sesh for me.

I stayed away from running for about a week when my leg was hurting just to be safe and turns out I like the stationary bike. It definitely hurts your butt, but I enjoyed my time. I used the eSpinner bike that has a 17″ LCD touchscreen where you can do a spin class, which is nice since we don’t have spin classes during the summer at the school gym. The only thing I didn’t like was the music that went with the class so I just watched the prompts and listened to my headphones. It was easy enough to change my resistance and use the target cadence. It does make me look forward to the fall – I want to take a spin class! But I definitely need to build up my butt! And my endurance!

My run this morning was really nice. I probably should have waited another day but I had a morning open so I took it. I’d also like to throw another thank you out to Ms Britney Spears. “Toxic” came on my iPod while I was finishing up and it really helped me push it to the limit. On that note, let’s also thank Y-Fumble – this thing is the best running companion I own. I’ve had so many running arm bands over the years but they’re always so uncomfortable and annoying. Y-Fumble is a sleeve and a pocket, so it’s soft, comes in nice colors, and you can put more than just your phone in it. LOVE.

Well – prime time is starting, so let’s watch some Olympics people!!



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