What a Great Day


*Photo from NBC – I love this shot of Susie Scanlan

What began as a characteristic Saturday morning, being woken up by a hungry kitty, debating whether or not to go for a jog; turned into a fun, albeit sweaty day.

My run this morning was 5 minute warm up, run 26 minutes, 5 minute cool down. Prior to this run, the longest I’ve run in one shot has been 20 minutes, so this was a milestone for me. I know some of you are like, “I warm up 26 minutes,” but I don’t. And I was pretty damn proud of myself.

I tend to do longer than the predetermined 5 minute cool downs if I have time. Why not add more mileage and cool down? Exactly. I’m almost done with the Ease into 5k program (previously known as Couch to 5k), and then I’ll either use the free Nike or Adidas apps to track. I thought about just using them now since I don’t have to do the intervals anymore, but I’d like to say that I completed the “program”, even if I don’t reach all the goals I set on it by the time in through.

Anyway, it was pretty hot for the run this morning. I started to pick up my pace on my way back (it’s an out and back pavement trail) and then decided I was really going to push with 2:25 left. Well, then I hit a bunch of mud from where they just laid sod and slowed down so I wouldn’t slip and then couldn’t speed up again. With about 1:20 left I felt like I couldn’t jog anymore. I started to walk and after a second or two I was like, “um, yes you can dummy, it’s a minute, you just did 25.” So I jogged the slowest I’ve ever jogged and rejoiced when the ding signaled my cool down.

Here’s the rundown:


Afterwards I came back and stretched for a llloooooooonnnngggggg time. While Joel jumped in the shower, he ran too, I made us some breakfast. Then I hopped in the shower so we could go to the driving range!

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go since I haven’t golfed in probably 10 years, but it was great! I don’t have clubs, but Joel is only a couple inches taller than me so I made do with his. We had a few off balls here and there, and I actually shot one off the roof of the stall into the guy’s next to ours (FAIL), but all in all it was a good time. Especially when Joel decided to use his 7-iron as a driver and the head of the club went further than the ball since it broke clean off the end.

We met up with a friend of ours and then grabbed lunch where I ran into one of my favorite clinical instructors!! I was so glad to see her – she really was a light in the darkness that was last semester and she is truly a wonderful person.

So now we’re relaxing on the couch watching the Olympics (duh), and it’s great. Did we all see Rupp and Farah? That shit was BOMB!!! And I love fencing – we need more of it.



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