Just Keep Going


So I decided to get a jump on my day by making sure I got a run in this morning. This was risky because: 1. It’s only been one rest day since my previous run, and 2. It’s still not quite light out when I head out in the mornings. Both things ended up being okay and I had another great run. I’m really working on finding my stride and being able to hold myself on these journeys.

One disadvantage to the sun not being out yet, is that I have to alter my route. This is good in one way, because it spices up my run, but the back of my neighborhood is at the bottom of a hill, so my run started uphill, which was interesting. Definitely slowed me down, but it kept me in a well lit area until the sun rose.

I wanted so badly to run the full 5k this morning that I ran through my cooldown time and then added more cooldown time at the end. I didn’t make it, but I did run 2.88 miles and with my cooldown it put me at a little over a 5k. My total run time was 34 minutes, and I felt like I kept a pretty steady, upbeat pace throughout.


On Saturday I cramped up something fierce after my run, probably because I didn’t drink enough water. So I made sure to drink before I left the house, and I’m working on some more now while I’m out. I also bought some chocolate milk to aid in my recovery. I probably am not enough of an athlete to reap all the benefits and cancel out the calories, but it’s delicious and it makes me feel better. Plus it comes in those tiny juice boxes with the collapsible straws – at least the ones I buy do. WOO!

So I’m going to see how I feel on Wednesday but I would like to try this again. Maybe I’ll go an even different path. We have a 5k trail in the park, but I may wait to check that out this weekend.

Until then! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Going

  1. Meagan says:

    LOVE that picture! I’ve figured out that I have to run in the morning when I’m still half asleep, otherwise my legs are like, “nope, we don’t want to work for you, sorry.”

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