Here Comes the Bug


So I’m laying in bed this morning, dragging ass and generally not being ready for life, when Joel points out my bug bites from his mom’s house this weekend. Bug bites are nothing new to me. No matter what method I try to take to outsmart them, they find me. And I hate them. But these ones didn’t itch and they didn’t look all that abnormal to me, so I said I was good. As you can see above, nothing too crazy.

Now, I’m stretching and getting ready for bed and I’m thinking, “hey I’d like to investigate these further,” then – BAM! I roll my leg over and see this:


They’re everywhere! And they’re darker! And all of a sudden my legs feel swollen. But that could be the beers I had at dinner. Who knows. So now we’re hanging out on the bed, elevating my feet. I think we’re done stretching for the night.


But I’m hoping my legs feel better tomorrow. I was not in very good shape this morning and ended up having to ice on the way into work, which didn’t help as much as I wanted it to. Sore calves are not my friend. If they don’t feel better, I just won’t run. HUMPH!! How do ya like them apples?!



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