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You guys – I am so close to running a full fledged 5k. SO CLOSE. I ran 35 minutes this morning, plus about 5 minutes before and after for warmup and cooldown. I also made sure this morning to stretch out my legs and at least get some blood flowing in them before I stepped outside. I’m not sure if that was what made the difference, but I think this morning was the best my legs felt as far as muscle soreness. But boy oh boy do they get cramped up quick when I get home. I stretched a lot when I got home and after the shower I strapped some ice to my legs to start that process. I really think the ice is helping, even if this is what I look like on the way into work:

Yahoo for shrink wrap!

If I could ice all day long, I would. Unfortunately, by the time I get to work I’m usually a melty mess and I have to give up. I made it into the building when I did this yesterday, but only with one bag, as the other had completely condensated all over my pant leg and into my sock. This morning I just put the ice on while I was getting ready to go, and then took it off when I got to work. I think it gave me about 40 minutes of ice time, and it was nice and helpful.

Here’s the breakdown from this morning:


I still haven’t straight up run the 5k, but I did get to 3 miles today. But I also realized that I wasn’t including my cooldown time in those numbers, but I was including my warmup time, so I am probably still at like 2.7 miles just running.

So that was my last run with the Ease into 5k app – so what do I do now? Any ideas? I know that I’m going to keep working on getting down the 5k. I thought about getting the Bridge to 10k app, but they said that you have to rebuy the GPS portion of the app, even if you have already purchased it through the Ease into 5k app. So that’s like $3 that I literally do not have right now. When I contacted the company they said that in the next update you should not have to re-purchase the GPS portion, and that is coming out in 4-6 weeks, so we may revisit this topic.

I have one complaint that I would like to lodge with the Couch to 5k/Ease into 5k program. They make you think that you will be able to run a 5k in half an hour at the end of 8 weeks. Depending on your physical shape, that’s probably not going to happen. I know a lot of you awesome runners out there are running 10 minute miles, but I’m lucky if I break 12. I usually have my best runs when I don’t try to think about how fast I’m going or how long I’ve been going that fast, but it’s hard not to constantly think about it. It’s one of those nagging feelings I get as I trot along. I know that as I continue to run and drop weight I’ll be able to move faster and I look forward to that time. I need to focus on the fact that a few weeks ago I was running at 14:00 minute miles, so 12:54 isn’t looking too bad.

Well, I’m off to do some princess sleeping. What’s that you say? Well, allow me to enlighten you… The other night I stuffed all of our extra pillows under parts of my body so that I could complete the RICE treatment I’ve been giving my legs. If RICE has to be done all at once, I’m screwed, but if it doesn’t I’m golden. I love princess sleeping. So I’m going to go do it.



17 thoughts on “I GRADUATED! What Now?

  1. SlimShanaynay says:

    I really like the Ease Into 5k interface. Do you get the voice prompts when you run? There’s a woman’s voice that comes in over the music to tell me what to do. I have a bad habit of being a clock watcher. I carry my phone in my hand when I run because I haven’t bought a holder yet. And I peek at the time. Maybe that’s my problem. Well… one of them, anyways LOL

    • amandakash says:

      I love the interface, and the voice prompts, which is why I’m interested in Bridge to 10k since its the same people.

      I like the Y-Fumble holder. It’s a pocket so there’s no annoying strap, it comes in cool colors and you can skip songs without taking out your phone but you can’t really see thru the fabric unless it’s dark out. Plus it’s pretty cheap. And you can put more than just your phone in it.

  2. SlimShanaynay says:

    Congrats on graduating, by the way. Did you have calf pains throughout the whole program or has it been more since you moved up to the longer runs and finished the intervals? My legs ache as it is, but it stops when I am done running. Sometimes I get random leg soreness at night but it’s an ache, like restless legs.

    And I just wrote a novel in your comments. Go me.

    • amandakash says:

      When I started the program the first time I had no aches at all. I got to the 20 minute run, finished it, came home, and squatted down to fill up my water and I just had a terrible pain in my right calf. Since then, I took six months off to no avail. I bought new running shoes, which are helping considerably. I don’t have pain when I run, it’s just soreness and cramping after. I really think I need to go to a sports massage person and have them pound on me for a while but I’m in school so that’s out of my budget, haha. I foam roll when I remember and that helps, but it also hurts when you’re doing it since its basically a deep tissue massage. Also, since I’ve started back, the soreness has gone from one leg to both legs, to the other leg and back again, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a serious injury or it wouldn’t hop around like that.

    • amandakash says:

      You light up my life! I’m just caught btw loans right now. I can’t request one set until I get the other but of course the other won’t contact me back telling me how much I’m getting. So frustrating. But we get paid next week so it’s cool.

  3. Meagan says:

    New plan, come to school with ice on my legs…I can just hear the students now, “That new teacher is soooo weird, she comes to school with ice on her legs. This is middle school, doesn’t she know we are too cool for that here.” Perhaps ice will make a guest appearence the second week of school…

    • amandakash says:

      Bahaha, I have to walk about a quarter of a mile from my parking lot to my building and I really didn’t want to fold my pant legs down to do it. How long is your car ride though? I basically slapped the ice on after my shower until I pulled into our parking lot.

  4. John says:

    I’d follow the Bridge to 10k, download the program for free from the web. Follow it and don’t bother with the app side. I log my routes and miles on dailymile.com its a pain sometimes but worth it. I can’t afford a Garmin GPS watch at the moment but its something that will make things easier. I’d concentrate on enjoying the running and gradually increasing your distance. Good luck whatever you do!

    • amandakash says:

      Thanks John! I was considering doing something like that – just putting the program into a running app I already have like Nike+ or MiCoach. That way I’ll still have a program to follow. I feel like if left to my own devices I’ll just keep doing the same thing over and over.

      • amandakash says:

        I looked at our local race calendar a few weeks back and unfortunately I have to be working in the hospital during all of our weekend races. But this is my final semester of school so I’m hoping I can build a good foundation and start racing when I’ve finished in December.

  5. Kelly says:

    congrats on graduating!! saturday is the half way point for me, and i still can’t imagine being able to run for 30 minutes! it’s so great seeing your success. it gives me hope that i might be able to make it through, too! thanks! 🙂

    • amandakash says:

      You can totally do it!! And I can’t believe I’m here either. I quit so many times I never thought I would finish. I can’t run a 5k in 30 minutes – but I can run for 35 minutes straight!!

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