Pure Excitement

It’s about as exciting as it looks.

This has been my life the past few days. I don’t like it. I’m finished with everything now, but I’m sure tomorrow I’ll have remembered a bunch of stuff that I’ll need to do and I’ll be behind again. Plus today my sinuses have been draining like a mofo, and it has not been a pleasant experience.

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Real Quick

Went for a quick run on the treadmill this morning. Oh no! *GASP* The what?! That’s right, I said it, the treadmill. I couldn’t take it. I can’t stand the elliptical anymore. And the bike hurts my butt. I just needed to pound it out. And it felt GOOD. And I knew that I wouldn’t be doing my full bridge to 10k run, so I just ran for a couple of miles and then did some weights. Continue reading

Kashmoney Product Review: Old Navy Women’s Compression Capris (19″)

Come on Cheap Capris!!

Hello friends. I’d like to share with you some thoughts I had on the Old Navy Active line as of late. I’m always on the lookout for new, cheap, and quality workout gear, so when I stumbled on to Old Navy and clicked on the Active link, I was pleasantly surprised to see the assortment. Tops, bottoms, jackets, etc., looks like ON is embracing the public’s need to not spend $60+ on a pair of running capris.

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Pinterest Fail. Again.

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Guys, I’m doomed to be one of those people who belongs on one of the Pinterest Fail blogs, only I’m not making my house explode with dishwashing soap or whatever. So far I’ve made a handful of recipes from Pinterest, two of which I was very excited about. One was a homemade pumpkin spice latte, and the other was quinoa mac and cheese. Both were disgusting. Allow me to explain.

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Oh the Places You’ll Go!

What I’ve done since starting B210K.

Joel and I ran together this morning for the first time ever. We decided to try out the trail at the park, but we didn’t like it and it was confusing so we basically took a random path and stuck to the street, wound around the dog park and struggled with the hills. We still got a little over 4 miles, but with the hills wound in we went a bit slower. Continue reading

I Think I’m Paranoid


Yesterday I ran my furthest distance yet, almost 4.5 miles. I felt good. But there was a point where I passed a moderately shady looking gent and he immediately pulled out his cell phone as I passed him. This made me think that he was alerting someone to my location and I was constantly checking over my shoulder in paranoia the rest of the time. It didn’t really make for a good run. Things have happened to me recently that have put me on edge, and I don’t like being like this. Allow me to explain… Continue reading


Oh, multitasking

I feel as though I’ve neglected you, my little blog. School has been crazy and I haven’t done anything new to write about in terms of running or training. Since I’ve banished running on the treadmill, I’ve stuck to the elliptical, arc training, and stationary bike to keep up my cardio conditioning. I’ve also incorporated some strength training to help me along this journey for a healthier life. My heart rate monitor has been working great. I really enjoy it as a supplement to my workout and it’s great to know an accurate calorie count of what I’m burning. I think too many times I overestimate (very rarely do I underestimate) the amount of calories that I burn and then think I can eat more to make up for the difference. Continue reading

New Stuff

I tried some new things today! Remember how I vowed to never run on the treadmill again? Well that was tested today. We went to the gym after class today – probably the busiest I’ve ever seen it. There was nary an empty elliptical in sight. All I could see was treadmills, a stair climber (NO!), and this weird looking elliptical/stair climber hybrid thing. I went with the hybrid thing. Continue reading

Fight or Flight

What would you do?

I wanted to share with you all something that happened to me recently. While I was shopping in a grocery store close to my home, my wallet was stolen out of the front of my shopping cart. I turned my back to my cart to grab a packet of yeast, and I heard my keys jingle against the rails of the cart. I knew that was a sound that I should not have been hearing. I turned back around and I knew immediately that my wallet was gone. Continue reading