Welcome Back!

Yummy pizza from Smashing Tomato!

To me! I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected my trusty ole blog here, but things got packed real quick and I lost track of everything. I’m still getting into the swing of school, which has been a bit overwhelming to say the least. But now I’m avoiding school right now to update – lucky you!

Did a couple runs on the treadmill at school and they were boring and lame to say the least. I completed Week 1 of Bridge to 10k with consistent calf soreness and heavy legs to boot. Needless to say I wanted to find something to break up the monotony and such – enter Bikram yoga.

I googled “yoga classes Lexington” and the second one to come up was Bikram Yoga Lexington. I’ve never taken a hot yoga class before, so I was interested in the change of scenery. Plus they have like, a million class options each day, which is wonderful for someone like me who can never make it to the one yoga class that is usually offered. The single classes cost $17 (whoa) but they have a new student deal where you can pay $30 for two weeks of unlimited yoga classes. So even if you only go twice over the two weeks it’s still a better deal then the single class.

So if you don’t know anything about Bikram yoga, which I didn’t, its a series of twenty-six poses with two breathing exercises over ninety minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity – sounds like hell right? It kind of is. They make a point of telling the new people to take it easy and just try to stay in the room the whole time if you can’t do all the poses. Kind of intimidating. But I felt very welcomed and it was very refreshing. I made it through the class without having to take a seat, even if I couldn’t do all the poses hardcore. Like I’ve said before, I’m flexible, so I like yoga, but sometimes my fat gets in the way so I can’t do all the poses completely.

I never thought I would feel sore from yoga, but boy was I sore today. They say to try to go as often as possible when you first start so that your body gets the best benefit from it. Plus I paid for two weeks so why not use them up, right? Went again this morning and it was totally different. There were at least twice as many people, so it was even hotter in there. I have liked both teachers so far, but I don’t know if weekend classes are for me. I did have to take a couple breathers today, and it did feel hotter.

I think the key is making sure you pre-hydrate the day before, because if you drink a lot during class it can make you nauseous. And wearing as little clothing as you feel comfortable in – because you’ll be sweating buckets after the first set. Literally we bent down and I could see sweat pouring from my legs. MY LEGS! Who knew legs would sweat that much? I certainly did not.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to try to run outside. It’s been a few days so I’m hoping that I can at least make it through a run in the morning. I bought some lighter shoes because I was feeling that my Brooks were weighing me down. They provide for all of my needs but seriously those babies get heavy. And my legs are heavy enough as it is, so maybe I’ll try those bad boys out tomorrow.

I was hoping that some good, deep stretching and the warmth of the room would work out some of the soreness in my calves but they feel about the same, so I’ll make sure that I get in some rolling tonight and tomorrow.

Until then!



5 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. SlimShanaynay says:

    I was just whining about a massive craving for pizza. I open up my WordPress reader and whalla! PIZZA. I am jealous, beyond reason. Yoga sounds interesting but umm. Pizza.

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