Morning Run with a Day of Studying


Oh my, my brain is fried from learning about disorders of the brain. It’s a little out of control. So I needed to take a break and update, just to regain a little sanity. If that’s even possible at the point.

After having taken a week off from running, I returned this morning for Week 1, Day 3 of the Bridge to 10k program. I’m a repeater, yes. But only because my last two runs were kind of awful, and I hadn’t run in a week so I wanted to take it slower.

It worked! My journey this morning started out under overcast skies with a whisper of rain, but it was just the kind of weather I needed. No sun, mild warmth, and a great breeze. It was magical. Paired with my new Mizuno Wave Precision 13’s, this was probably the best run of my life. I think the lesson learned is that I need to take more days off between runs. I thought I was okay before but I know now that there are plenty of other things I can do. Plus no more running on the treadmill. I never get as good of a stretch before or after and it’s not worth the anguish. Here’s the breakdown:


I didn’t even realize I was going that fast! I attribute that to the Mizuno’s, since all of the reviews I read of them consistently praise the response of the shoe and allowing for quicker pick up. Those babies were seriously like little clouds encapsulating my foot and made me feel utterly weightless. Even uphill. I’m not even kidding.


Now I know some of you are like, “quit buying new shoes and just take care of yourself,” well – I’m working on it. I swear. But I think these are it. I was worried that they would be too lightweight to handle the pounding of my *ahem* larger frame but they seemed to handle it well. Time will tell, but I’ll definitely be using these as my trainer, and may have become a Mizuno convert. What is your favorite brand? Do you have a go to trainer?

Speaking of frame, I’ve gained about 3 pounds over the past few weeks. I was ashamed to admit it on my tracker but finally put it in yesterday and watched the graph shoot up. Ugh. I think I’ve been too focused on my weight instead of just trying to take care of myself, so maybe I’ll stop weighing myself for a while and really just listen to my body in terms of what and when I need to eat. It can’t hurt right?

When we hit the gym this week I plan to either ellipticize or cycle and weight train regardless. No more horrid treadmill running. Oh! And I bought a heart rate monitor (it was a steal at Target) but I forgot to use it on my run! So I’ll have an update when I finally use it.



5 thoughts on “Morning Run with a Day of Studying

  1. SlimShanaynay says:

    Love the shoes! I wear Saucony, but they are my first official running shoe purchase (why are they soooo expensive????) and I am 50/50 on them. They are a thousand times better than my Walmart specials I was running in before. Lessen the shin splints, but I still think I need calf sleeves. Glad you had a great run. One of my best runs was on a gray, sprinkly day.

    • amandakash says:

      I’m beginning to think that running shoes rank right up there with textbooks and parking passes as far as scams go. I have NO IDEA why they are so pricey. And my credit card is sad about it :(.
      I bought my sleeves at a run walk shop but you may be able to get them cheaper on Amazon or eBay.

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