Whoa – I Need to do What?


I was our clinical group’s charge nurse today. Meaning I got to the hospital an hour before everyone (with my esteemed co-charge, Cassie), planned the days assignments, re-arranged all the assignments based on which nurses were working which rooms, and then basically ran around all day helping people.

I didn’t have any patients of my own, which is nice because I’m not sure I could have handled any. What’s crazy though, is that the greatest number of patients I have had has been two. In this clinical I will need to be able to manage three patients, and next clinical (our “synthesis” with a preceptor) I will need to manage five. FIVE! I know it comes with time but that concept is really throwing me for a loop right now. I’m just a student – I can’t handle the pressures of the real world – ack!

Speaking of pressure, I’ve been wearing my Thorlo Experia socks to clinical because they are the most padded socks I own, but they make my feet so hot! Does any one know of cushioned but lightweight socks I can wear and be comfortable on my feet all day? It doesn’t help that my shoes are clunky and not that supportive, but we have to wear all white leather shoes, and I wasn’t going to break the bank when I don’t plan to wear them after school.

More studying for me tonight. First exam of the (LAST) semester tomorrow morning and I’m nowhere near ready. I really need to get a handle on my schedule! But maybe I was just slacking since its been a good month since I had real school work to do? I hope so. Because there’s no way I’m going to make it through the rest of the semester acting like this, that’s for sure!




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