Oh, multitasking

I feel as though I’ve neglected you, my little blog. School has been crazy and I haven’t done anything new to write about in terms of running or training. Since I’ve banished running on the treadmill, I’ve stuck to the elliptical, arc training, and stationary bike to keep up my cardio conditioning. I’ve also incorporated some strength training to help me along this journey for a healthier life. My heart rate monitor has been working great. I really enjoy it as a supplement to my workout and it’s great to know an accurate calorie count of what I’m burning. I think too many times I overestimate (very rarely do I underestimate) the amount of calories that I burn and then think I can eat more to make up for the difference.

I think the coolest part of my HRM is that it syncs up with the machines that I’ve been using at the gym. That way I don’t have to constantly look at the watch to make sure that my heart is in the target zone. It’s also crazy to compare my calories burned on the HRM versus the machines because the machines typically overestimate by almost 200 calories. 200 CALORIES! Eating an excess of 100 calories per day can lead to weight gain pretty rapidly, can you imagine 200?! Yikes.

The hardest part of school has been trying to balance my “free time” and translate it into study time. So much of my time is spent driving, sitting, and in the hospital, that by the time I get home I just want to take a shower (yes, I shower a lot) and go to sleep. But since my program is accelerated, we’re taking two clases that are supposed to cover a whole semester in 8 week increments, meaning I have an exam every other week just in that class. Let alone presentations, quizzes, and other various busy work tasks in the other classes, of which there are no end. It’s exhausting just looking at my calendar. And come mid-October, my clinical day will go from two 8 hour days to two 12 hours days a week. Plus all my classes. Plus trying to work out. Plus trying to eat better. And I’ll probably have to (finally) quit my job.

So I’m off to do some strength training with the Nike Training Club app. It’s free and has easy to understand workouts that are timed and you can put music to them. Love it.

Wish me luck. Hopefully we’ll talk again soon.



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