I Think I’m Paranoid


Yesterday I ran my furthest distance yet, almost 4.5 miles. I felt good. But there was a point where I passed a moderately shady looking gent and he immediately pulled out his cell phone as I passed him. This made me think that he was alerting someone to my location and I was constantly checking over my shoulder in paranoia the rest of the time. It didn’t really make for a good run. Things have happened to me recently that have put me on edge, and I don’t like being like this. Allow me to explain…

So the wallet thing, we talked about that. A couple days ago, some jackass kids threw a rock at my car as I was driving through my neighborhood. I mean, there was a group of kids just sitting there, and as I made eye contact with one of them and thought, “somethings not right here,” the freakin’ kid launched a rock at my BRAND NEW CAR. And not just brand new to me, I mean, I got the thing in June! It’s only a little over two months old!! Luckily, no damage, but as I pulled over to check on it and they took off on their bikes I really wanted to follow them and tattle, but since there was nothing I just went home, hoping someone gave them a talking to. Or a whoopin’.

Thursday I walked in on the Orkin man and thought we were being robbed. And then all day Friday I kept thinking someone was in the house with me. I think it was because Star kept randomly (and quickly) staring off into the distance and meowing. I mean, I already think there’s a ghost, so it was unnerving. All these things together made me think that the moderately shady individual on our path was plotting my demise. Anyway, moving on.

We went to Smashing Tomato for lunch on Thursday and it was DELICIOUS. I had been there once before but Joel hadn’t, and we were very pleased. Got some pizza and artichoke dip, and it was awesome. Take a look:


So about this run. A few things I’d like to mention. One: I have a bad habit of estimating how much time I have left in each interval. This week, I run for 15 minutes, walk for 1 minute, three times. I’ve noticed that I like to think that 15 minutes is 3 songs. Which would be fine if songs these days were still 5 minutes long, but the average song now is like < 3 minutes, so when the interval ends up being 5 – 6 songs, I get frustrated. So I need to stop doing that.

Two: I got my first cat call. Classy, right? This came from a dude in the neighborhood loop. He either said, “give those legs a run,” or “keep those legs a runnin’.” I was kind of confused. Was it a leg compliment? Was he telling me I needed to lose weight? You be the judge – this is what my legs looked like on the run:

Yup. That’s about it.

Three: I need to redo my running playlist. There are a handful of songs that will get me pumped up no matter what, but I feel like I keep listening to the same 10 songs over and over again. So today’s mission while we watch college football is to make some new tunage. Any suggestions?

Here’s the breakdown of the run. I really surprised myself. I felt like I was more in tune with my tempo and I could push myself without totally exhausting my reserves. I could feel that the pace I was running at was now too slow, and that I could move myself a little quicker. The heart rate monitor helps. And making sure that I’m breathing. But I’m what I’m realizing is that I’m doing a lot of these things without thinking about them: sucking in my gut, keeping my head up, breathing evenly. And I like it.


I did some stretching with Shawn Johnson afterwards on the Nike Training Club app. I love that they’re guided, timed, and you have the ability to watch a video of the demonstration and add music. Download it. IT’S FREE. Who doesn’t love free? I think even that baby that doesn’t want Jimmy Fallon’s extra money likes free. For reals.

Today I’m a little sore, but Joel and I are going to run together tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that. And hopefully I won’t feel like I’m going to be attacked. Yay!



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