Oh the Places You’ll Go!

What I’ve done since starting B210K.

Joel and I ran together this morning for the first time ever. We decided to try out the trail at the park, but we didn’t like it and it was confusing so we basically took a random path and stuck to the street, wound around the dog park and struggled with the hills. We still got a little over 4 miles, but with the hills wound in we went a bit slower.

It was different running with someone. I’ve run with Cassie on the treadmill, but this was different because it was Joel. It was fun. After we found our pace, which was really my pace, it went pretty smoothly. Both of us decided hills are dumb, our feet were hot, and we don’t like running in grass. So, now we know.

So far I really enjoy the Bride to 10k Program. It’s been enjoyable, and since I’m used to the Bluefin apps it’s a breeze. Here’s the “splits” from this morning:

Hills = Terrible

The heart rate monitor was a little bit less than the calorie count in the app, but they’ve been pretty close thus far. I’ve been using the HRM counts since they’re probably a little more accurate, even if they are a little less. Still haven’t fixed up the running playlist, so maybe I’ll get on that.

To close out the night, I’d like so share with you my new bedding, equipped with a kitty who was so enamored, he wouldn’t let me straighten it out.




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