Kashmoney Product Review: Old Navy Women’s Compression Capris (19″)

Come on Cheap Capris!!

Hello friends. I’d like to share with you some thoughts I had on the Old Navy Active line as of late. I’m always on the lookout for new, cheap, and quality workout gear, so when I stumbled on to Old Navy and clicked on the Active link, I was pleasantly surprised to see the assortment. Tops, bottoms, jackets, etc., looks like ON is embracing the public’s need to not spend $60+ on a pair of running capris.


I’ve purchased cotton stretchy yoga pants from ON in the past. They’re fine. But I can’t run (or workout in general) in cotton. It’s gross. I’ve finally become a grown up in that regard and am no longer willing to leave the gym looking like I peed my pants. So I like to make sure that my tops, and bottoms, are made of a wicking material of some kind. These “compression” capris from ON were pretty much spot on in that regard.

I’ve also really been into capris lately. During the summer I rotated between a couple pairs of bermudas from Target, and in the colder months I have full on leggings, but right now I just really need that extra 3″ covered, without covering my whole leg. Makes sense, right? Right. Moving on.

I wore these for my run last week with Joel through the park. They stayed put, didn’t chafe, and wicked my nasty sweat away quite wonderfully. I like the colorful waistband, they’re slimming, and overall I felt really positively about them. The only issue I take with them is that they are very high waisted. You wouldn’t think so, since the description says, “sits low on waist,” but they came up past my belly button. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I definitely noticed it when we came home and I was sitting around stretching.

They also washed and dried very well. I wash and dry all of my workout gear on delicate, since they get used and washed more often than regular clothes. I’ve washed these twice and they’re still in great shape and fit the same. No shrinkage.


I know some people complain that they can’t fit their calves into capris without a cutout, but I didn’t have that problem. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem, and I have massive calves.

Some reviews on the site say that they aren’t true “compression” capris, and I would have to agree. They’re similar to the Athleta Chatauranga leggings that I have, as far as material, and they’re not excessively snug like all Under Armour compression I’ve ever tried and never bought. I don’t care about compression. I care that they wick, don’t chafe, and don’t make me look like a beached whale. All of which was accomplished, so I’d say they’re a win. Plus the fact that they’re <$25 (I got them for $19), I’d say they’re fantastic for the price.

Yay! 4/5


*Disclaimer – I bought this item and am putting forth my own views on its performance. I was not compensated to provide this review or any ideas in it. It’s all me, kids.*


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