Real Quick

Went for a quick run on the treadmill this morning. Oh no! *GASP* The what?! That’s right, I said it, the treadmill. I couldn’t take it. I can’t stand the elliptical anymore. And the bike hurts my butt. I just needed to pound it out. And it felt GOOD. And I knew that I wouldn’t be doing my full bridge to 10k run, so I just ran for a couple of miles and then did some weights.

I didn’t die!

Watched some Sportsnation and chugged along. I knew that I needed to run sometime soon because I felt I was losing my nerve, and even though I still don’t like the treadmill, it was damn better than the freaking elliptical.

In other news – are you all iPhone users? Have you downloaded the new update? I like it, even though it was a huge freaking update. I’m interested to use Passbook, and I like that you can now include pictures in emails, without having to create an email from your photo stream. I’m sure there are other awesomer features about it, but I haven’t been able to tinker around with it yet. Do you have a favorite new feature? Tell me about it!

My friend Kails informed me that there is a website called yogaglo where you can pay $18/mo and get yoga class right in your very home. All different kinds of yoga, any time of the day, for less than $20/mo. That’s like, the price of two classes in a studio. And it’s not the same sequences of poses over and over again. There’s a free 15 day trial so I’m going to try that out and get back to you – but I’m very excited about this prospect. I love yoga, and my brain needs more of it so I can calm down.

Day off tomorrow – so I have the following things to accomplish:

  • Case study presentation for Thursday
  • Article review for Friday
  • Homework for Friday
  • Read and compile notes for exam on Wednesday
  • Find articles and work on presentation for following Monday

It doesn’t look that terrible. But it’s a lot of time. Especially the finding of the articles. They need to be posted the week before on blackboard, but we don’t present until October 8th.

Anyway, enough boring you with school stuff – talk to you tomorrow!



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