I Smell Terrible When I Run


Well good afternoon! The sun is shining! The endorphins are flowing! And I’ve finally stopped smelling like…whatever weird and terrible odor I radiate when I finish running! Huzzah! I guess it’s with the increased mileage and time, because I didn’t notice it before – but whatever.

We did our case study presentations today and then I hit the gym. I stuck with my Brooks today, as I have for the past few runs, and they’ve been treating me well. For some reason I redid Week 2 Day 3 of Bridge to 10k. I’m not sure why I didn’t think I had done it, but I didn’t. So I redid it.

The run went well. I think I started out too fast so I slowed down the next two intervals, and I also like to “sprint” for a lap when I’m on the TM (treadmill). I ran for over an hour and reached 4.7 miles. Woohoo!!


Topknot intact I drove home without showering. I don’t know why. I normally do. But I just didn’t feel like it. So I drove home all smelly and sweaty and took a shower in my wonderful shower at home. My legs are tired. My knees are sore. But I’m clean, so I’m going to relax on the couch for a hot second and watch some Grey’s before the premiere tonight. Yippee!



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