Compression to the Rescue!


He thinks I’m crazy. But he loves me.

So I decided to wear my compression sleeves to clinical today because every time I come home from the hospital my legs are killing me from being on my feet in my crappy shoes all day. I felt awesome!

I was worried that my legs would hurt because the last time I wore them was for a run and my legs were killing me then too. But they were fine! They were more than fine! I may have gone as far as saying I felt like little wings were attached to my feet carrying me down the hall.

I got another pair, but they’re socks, so we’ll see if they work as well. My sleeves are Zensah, but the socks are ProCompression. I guess you could say that PC is more of a mom and pop compared to Zensah or that one that starts with C. CEPP? CEEP? I don’t know.

I showed everyone at lunch because I was so pleased with myself. My instructor asked if I had varicose veins, but I don’t. And seriously, my legs felt awesome, so I’ll probably do this from now on. Especially when we start working 12-hour shifts next month. Yikes. Scary.

Probably try to run tomorrow. Lots of studying to do. I hope I can make it through!



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