Ran a Full 5k Today!

WHEW! Man, it has been a long time since I’ve done a few things: run longer than 20 minutes at a time, run outdoors, enjoyed running, and I’m definitely feeling the love today! I decided to try a new thing today where I would warm up inside and then start running as soon as I got outside. It always bothered me that the distance timer would go off for my 5k, but I hadn’t actually run the full 5k. It made me doubt that I could even do it at all. Even when I was running over 4 miles doing Bridge to 10k, I doubted I could complete a 5k because there were intervals of walking throughout the run.

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Bear Down! Chicago Bears!

Oohhhh I love me some Monday Night Football when I get to watch my Bears! Last time I watched the Bears and the Lions, the Bears lost. And it was lame. So I’m hoping we don’t repeat that. Even if the defense scores more points than the offense, I’m okay with it.

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So Productive Today!

Only 4 check boxes left!

You didn’t believe me did you? I’m working on the adult trauma case study right now, but needed to take a break. This chick’s problems are overwhelming. But I can’t tell you about it because of nurse-fake patient confidentiality. I’m telling you, I worked so hard today I exhausted the cat.

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Holy PBS, Batman

Maggie Smith is my hero.

I should really teach a class in watching entire television series in one day. Do you all watch Downton Abbey?? Because I’ve just finished the first two seasons. I started last night. I’m so productive. I can’t help it! It’s seriously just that good.

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Let’s Talk About Driving

Isn’t she purdy?

Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means an authority on driving or driving skills. I consider myself a good driver, a little bit of a lead foot, but I’m cautious and I pay attention. Unfortunately I do not live in a part of the country where public transportation benefits outweigh driving benefits, so I drive. And since I commute about 30 miles to school one way, I drive quite a bit.

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Live Grey’s Post!



So this is the first time I’ve tried this, but I’m going to post my “analysis” (ie., feelings, rage, joy, insanity) of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, “Remember the Time.” So sit back, relax, and enjoy. Or don’t read it if you don’t watch Grey’s. I understand. Truly I do. But whatever. It’s cool.
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