After Today

Yes – I was thinking of A Goofy Movie when I wrote that title. I had a chat with my neighbor today and it made me realize how friggin’ excited I am to be embarking on this part of my life.

I’ll be done with school in December. DECEMBER! I can’t even handle it! Once that time rolls around I will be able to go to work, come home, and I won’t have to do any homework. Shut. The. Front. Door. I cannot wait until that time.

I’m very lucky that I have the scholarship that I do with one of the hospitals in town. In return for paying my tuition, I have to work for them for a hot second, which guarantees me a job. It may not be in the field that I want, but I’ll have a job. With the economy the way it is, I feel very lucky indeed.

I would also like to do a little ode to my running journey. Well, I guess it’s more jogging. It’s doubtful that 13:00 minute miles on the treadmill are considered running in anyone’s dictionary. Anyway, I started on this journey a long, long, long, loooonnnggg time ago. My first “registered” run on the Ease into 5k app was October 22, 2011. But I know that I started on the treadmill the summer before that. That was the summer that my knee locked up (thanks patellar femoral pain syndrome) and I took some time off. The first time.

When I started back up I used the Couch to 5k podcast on my shuffle. The concept of the shuffle was wonderful, you clip it on your shirt/shorts and go. The only problem was that the music in the background was like weird, techno, house music and that does not motivate me. So I picked up the Couch to 5k app on the trusty old iPhone and went from there. Then I got to the 20 minute run on December 3, 2011, and that’s when it hit me. The debilitating calf pain (from filling up my water bottle no less) that would cause me to take time off. The second time.

I didn’t start running again consistently until July, which seems to be in line with going to the gym before summer classes. The first run I have on record was 1.68 miles. The last run I have on record was 4.75 miles. I can’t believe I’ve come this far. And that I’ve enjoyed (most of) it! I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I’ve noticed that sometimes while I’m running I’ll tell myself “your legs aren’t tired, your brain is being a brat, you’re fine.” And I am! Weird, right?

So I’m hoping that while things get nuts with school starting the next few weeks until the end I’ll at least be able to get in a couple runs a week. I will definitely need it to clear my head and fight some stress. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that school and insane scheduling are not lending to my losing weight, so I’m content to maintain until I can get out and fight this pudge. I swear, it will be done.

In light of all this wondrousness, I’ve realized that after today, there’s no need to complain about how tired and stressed I am. We’re all tired. We’re all stressed. We’re all maxxed out. So I don’t need to beat a dead horse. After today I’m looking forward to the bright side, that I’m almost done, that I’ve come this far, and that I’m almost there. I’m also looking forward to finally running some races!! Maybe I’ll see you there!



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