I’m Here Now!

Wow, worst blogger ever, right??

I’m so sorry you guys. I finally get into a good rhythm and then I peace out for weeks? Lame. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in rehab or anything.

Speaking of rehab – remember this mess??

I haven’t been running. I haven’t done any yoga. I’ve done school work, stressing out, and more school work. I finally got my preceptor clinical assignment. I’m in an ICU, which is equal parts terrifying and super exciting. I have no idea what to think.

Oh look at them. How precious.

I ran yesterday. It was a struggle. I did a 5k, but I walked. Frequently. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it, but it’s humbling to see how far you can fall in just a couple weeks.

I’m watching Emily Owens, MD currently. I like it. It’s like Scrubs and Grey’s had a baby. They’re fresh and young and they’re all alive. Plus how did I not know that the main character was Meryl Streep’s kid?!

Mamie Gummer!! AKA – Meryl Streep’s kid!!

Oh. Em. Jizzle Jazzle, kids. I’m so ready for these next 7 weeks to be over!! I can’t believe I’m finally done with school! Almost… Anyway, hopefully I’ll start doing something again so I can update, because I know you don’t want to listen to me talk about how I sit in a classroom from 9 – 3. I assure you, you don’t.

So here’s hoping I start moving around again!



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