Bear Down! Chicago Bears!

Oohhhh I love me some Monday Night Football when I get to watch my Bears! Last time I watched the Bears and the Lions, the Bears lost. And it was lame. So I’m hoping we don’t repeat that. Even if the defense scores more points than the offense, I’m okay with it.

Speaking of the Bears, have y’all seen this? I think it’s hilarious. Oh Jay Cutler and your silly little mug.

Oh dear.

I made a pizza for dinner and it stuck to the pan. It seems like every other time I make one, the crust gets totally jacked and it ends up a pile of cheese and sauce. We still ate it, Joel said it was fine, we just needed a fork. Womp womp.

This case study is killing me. It’s unlikely that I’ll EVER finish it. UGH. And the worst part is that the next one is posted too so I feel like I should work ahead since I have the time now, but if I screw this one up I’d rather not have to rehash the whole thing. I don’t know. It makes me feel like I don’t really know anything and I’m not able to pull it together yet. Kind of daunting.

A handful of people started working their last rotations this weekend and everybody’s time went well. Good to hear. We’re all super worried about getting a preceptor that doesn’t want us and doesn’t want to teach us. We’re sponges. We want to learn everything. So we need people who will teach us.

Didn’t work out after class today because we had a presentation to work on. I WILL run tomorrow morning. And I WILL tell you all about it! So, until then.



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