Ran a Full 5k Today!

WHEW! Man, it has been a long time since I’ve done a few things: run longer than 20 minutes at a time, run outdoors, enjoyed running, and I’m definitely feeling the love today! I decided to try a new thing today where I would warm up inside and then start running as soon as I got outside. It always bothered me that the distance timer would go off for my 5k, but I hadn’t actually run the full 5k. It made me doubt that I could even do it at all. Even when I was running over 4 miles doing Bridge to 10k, I doubted I could complete a 5k because there were intervals of walking throughout the run.

So I decided today that I would warm up inside, step outside and take off running. I did pretty well, too! Not only did I run a full 5k without stopping, I ran it in my fastest time ever! Here are the splits:

Holla holla!

I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself at this point. Even the love fern is getting in on the action.

Love fern is ALIVE!!

So now I’m chilling in my compression socks, debating whether or not to spend 20 minutes working on my case study or just waiting until I get back from lunch with Joel. Oh, just kidding. Star made that decision for me.

Kitteh says NO.

How is your day going today? Have you completed something you set out to do recently? Are you feeling the love?? Let me know!



8 thoughts on “Ran a Full 5k Today!

  1. Natalija says:

    congrats 😉 I just love the feeling when I come back from a long distance run. At first the only problem is just to get out (especially because of the weather) and then when I come back home, to chill for few minutes drink a coffee and relax on my balcony is just amazing 😉 I hope you also have any ritual when you get back 😉

  2. runnerbydefault says:

    Great job on the run!! I see you use Nike+ too. It definitely helps me keep track otherwise I would be so lost on how much/fast I run.

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