Okay Pinterest, You Win


Well really, I win, but these recipes have been good. And I mean good. Since I have the day off and don’t feel like doing school work, but I’m stuck at home (more on that later), I did what any good little house wife would do: I baked a cake. A pumpkin cinnamon roll vanilla sheet cake to be exact. And it is, wait for it, delicious.

Doesn’t it look great!! The recipe came from here, and yes, I found it on Pinterest. I’ve made a few things now that were pretty good: philly cheesteak sandwiches, chicken taco chili were just a couple. I’ve been looking to cook more at home but easily since both Joel and I are usually pretty tired once we get home. A lot of people have pinned recipes that can be thrown in the crock pot and come out pretty good, so I’ve been using those. But the cake. THE CAKE! Seriously, it’s awesome.


The plan was to bake it last week for the nurses on my unit (duh – who doesn’t love baked goods?!) but when I wasn’t allowed to go I didn’t make it. I cut it into smaller pieces (thus MORE), and it can be refrigerated so I still plan on bringing it with me. I’m very excited about this, you guys. If you couldn’t tell.

How could you not want me to work on your unit!?

So, what you’ve been waiting for, well, I know I’ve been waiting for it: the results of my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. They reaffirmed what I was thinking, and even though we can’t be sure they do not think I had a seizure. It’s being treated as a syncopal episode at this point, but I do have quite a bit of follow up testing since we don’t know the cause. And until we find the cause and address it, I’m not allowed to exercise or drive. The exercising may be resumed once I’m done with these tests over the next few weeks, but I’m not allowed to drive for 90 days. Apparently that’s a state law. Ugh. Lame. I know it’s for safety of myself and others, but its very frustrating because now I’m completely dependent on the kindness of the people in my life. They’ve been very kind thus far – but I still hope we find out what caused this so I can drive!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Go be useful since I’m not allowed to do anything.



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