I’m Free!

Just a quick update: I’m cleared! I’m allowed to drive and workout again! Yippee! My neurologist says that all of my tests came back clear, meaning it definitely wasn’t neurological. I’m just supposed to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure when and after I work out and if I keep having symptoms I should see a cardiologist. I’m cool with that.

How are you all doing? Just winding down school at this point. Have a few more case studies to do, as well as a paper and clinical homework. Not too terrible.

I think I may start weight watchers again. I had the most success when I did that program, I got down to 214. I’ve been hovering at 225 for a while now, and I know school isn’t helping so I’m looking forward to getting this back into gear next month.

Any of you need a babysitter? I need some cash since I’m going to be unemployed for a while, and as the oldest of six kids, I am an excellent babysitter. Just ask my sisters…



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